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David treats customers and vendors like DOGS...


boat hauling boat transport boat moving boat deliveries yacht transport sailboat transport boat transport company

boat hauling boat transport boat moving boat deliveries yacht transport sailboat transport boat transport company




David treats his CUSTOMERS with contempt

   On my very first load for David, there appeared to me to be a slight miscommunication or misunderstanding between David Derderian and Alex Alizajeh, the owner of the 30ft Bayliner Classic that I delivered to the Sunset Marina in Huntington Beach, CA. No real big deal, in my opinion. I know how bad the traffic gets in the LA area. And I also know that when someone says that they are "on the way", there is almost always some last minute task that needs done first.  I made a couple unsuccessful attempts to contact Mr Alizajeh. Talking to David, David told me that "Alex" had been at the Marina, but didn't see me there, but was on his way back. (I got there about midnight the night before). Anyway, the longer it took for Mr Alizajeh to get there, the more angry and volatile David Derderian became. Over the next couple hours, David must have called me a 1/2 dozen times, each time more angry than before. At one point, David told me he called "Alex" again and cussed him out for not getting to the Marina when he said he would. 
   While I was waiting, David instructed me to go into the Marina Office and ask if they could unload the boat before the customer got there. As I was standing in the office, Mr. Alizajeh walked in and was very angry because David had swore at him. I told him that I was just the driver, and the Marina Manager told us (Alex and I) "I am trying to run a business here, you guys take it outside".
    Alex and I walked toward the boat (which was still on the trailer at that point) and Alex immediately noticed the damage to the boat (caused by 1. David's negligent loading   and  2. the tire blow-out in Arizona).
    What had particularly made Alex angry was that David had NOT informed him of the damage and he had instructed me to "clean it up" to hide the damage.
    David also NEVER informed the owner of the other boat that there was damage (due to David's negligence) and instructed me to unload the boat before the customer got there if I could and to leave as soon as possible, also instructing me NOT to point out the damage to the boat (which was relatively minor). 

                                              Tire damage                      Negligent loading
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   In addition to the comments on the first page, another customer, Mr. Gelsomino had the following to say about DRD Motorsports: "Delays, excuses, and broken promises and then delays, excuses and broken promises. I would recommend a contract that Only has a 10% deposit or none at all!"

David treats VENDORS with contempt

    For several weeks, there was a big problem getting fuel or making any other purchases due to a FRAUD ALERT being placed on the card that David issued me. It was always a bug hassle getting fuel, with having to call David before I purchased fuel to make sure there was money on the "back-up" card David issued.
    On one particular day, I attempted to buy fuel at the TA on I-70 in Hebron, OH. The "Back-up" card was refused and I called David. He said (he thought) there was enough money to buy fuel, to try again. The card was declined again. David asked me if the fuel desk would take a credit card number over the phone, but the fuel desk said no, explaining that it was against TA policy to do so. Understandable.
    David asked me to have the fuel desk call him on his phone (1-586-855-9019), so I asked them to do so. They told me they would call him but the answer was still no. The employees at this TA were nothing but polite and courteous to me, and when this particular lady called David, I could HEAR him screaming and cussing at her when she tried to explain TA Policy on credit cards. 
    She walked away from the fuel counter sobbing and I really felt bad for her. The manager came up to me and said that they (TA) were going to go ahead and process the card information over the phone. I apologized to the manager, and he understood that it wasn't me that caused the problem.

   I bet BULLYING a woman (or anyone else) into submission makes David Derderian feel like a WHOLE man.