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Derderian Arrested for Threatening to KILL Federal Officers! READ the CRIMINAL COMPLAINT Here!!!!

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DRD Motorsports; where SAFETY is least important. David Derderian has been known to BADGER his employees to VIOLATE Federal HOS (Hours Of Service) Regulations and FALSIFY their log-books. David's STRICT SCHEDULE requires that drivers at times drive in EXCESS of their allowed 11 hours per day, and spend LESS THAN their Federally Mandated 10 hour "break". [ Click This. ]

Mostof DRD Motorsport's equipment is SUB-STANDARD!Every truck and trailer I saw would FAIL even a cursory DOT Inspection. MAJOR DEFECTS include; bad tires, brakes out of adjustment or inoperable, holes and/or leaks in the exhaust, major oil leaks in the engines, broken orinoperable doors on trucks, lights missing or inoperable to name a few. [ Click This. ]

About DRD Motorsports

David Derderian, the President,not only treats his "employees" like dogs, he also treats his customers and vendors contempt. David once screamed at and cussed-out a fuel clerk at a TA Travel Center causing her to burst into tears. He CUSSED-OUT a customer who was "late" in meeting a delivery. One of his own customers had this to say about David on another website: Even with a written contract, this guy has no faith in people and will not lift a finger until he has his deposit...
David has also on at least one occasion instructed a driver to "CLEAN-UP"a boat in an attempt to hide damage incured during transit. [ Click This. ]

"Oops.....there goes another load!"

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